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Hauntologists “Hannett EP” now available at Hard Wax

Hauntologists “Hannett EP”

(12″ Vinyl & Digital Download)
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Minimalist, subtly dubbed out & acidic House EP… New Hauntologists material was teased at the start of 2014 through a limited number of test pressings made available at Hard Wax which quickly dissapeared. Employing new machines and fresh recording methods, this new material now sees formal release on Modular Cowboy as “Hannett EP”, marking the first taste of Hauntologists’ revised sound.
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“Brooklyn / Duesseldorf Haunt”

(10″ Vinyl & Digital Download)
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“You have a Roland 303. I have an 808. It’s time to bring the two together.”
And so Hauntologists was born. Not necessarily through a love of machines from a purists or technical stance, but more the application of said machines…
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Hauntologists and Bottega Veneta

“Bottega Veneta presents a collection of subtle strength and confidence”
The Italian fashion house chose a Hauntologists release to soundtrack their new Women’s Fall-Winter 2014/2015 Collection

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